Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Why Can't The Religious Right Get It?
It’s no secret that the religious right has a certain vision of America, an America where everyone is forced to live according to their interpretation of Christian morality. Conservative Christians have become just another lobbyist group spending their time trying to persuade politicians to vote on issues the way the religious right agenda mandates. The danger of these lobbyists is that their agenda is for American government --in a totally anti-American initiative-- to control every aspect of its citizens’ lives.

is one of these moves by the religious right to force the hand of politicians.

A summit of evangelical Christians and conservative Catholic and Jewish activists yesterday produced a "Values Voters' Contract with Congress," an outline of what the religiously minded expect their elected representatives to bring about in the near future.

Modeled after the Republican Party's 1994 "Contract with America," the "Values Voters' Contract" stipulated 10 aims, ranging from legislation to keep the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to laws guaranteeing greater religious freedoms in the workplace, prohibiting human cloning and embryo research, and guaranteeing a "right to life" to all children before birth.


"Let's not say, 'Oh, it's not that bad,' " said the Rev. Tristan Emmanuel, director of the Equipping Christians for the Public Square Centre in Jordan Station, Ontario. Secularists, he added, practice "Christophobia," which he deemed "an irrational fear of anything Christ-based."

"When you listen to their rejection of our participation in the public square, it's visceral," he said.

It seems that some of these lobyists may be incapable of comprehending the point. It isn’t that we have an irrational fear of anything Christ-based, but the fact that we do not want people dictating to us how we should act in regards to personal morality decisions. When America is called “The Land of the Free,” that doesn’t mean that everyone is free to control each other. In a truly free land, people should be able to do anything that doesn’t pose an obvious risk to society. Gays getting married, abortion, pornography, and any other social issue should be left up to each person, so that they may act according to their own moral beliefs. It should not be anyone’s decision on who I marry or adopt, except for me and the others involved.


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