Sunday, March 12, 2006
Why Arabs Hate Us
For once, I actually agree with Bush.

I find it to be amazingly shameful that Democrats, in what I consider to be an amazing act of bigotry, decided to come out against this deal. I do not think that the Democrats actually believe that there is a security risk, but they played on the bigotry of the American people in order to take a stand against Bush, and we are certainly worse off for it.

Both democrats and republicans used this issue to distance themselves from Bush. Republicans, with the elections coming up, need to give the appearance that they are not in line with Bush. His horrible approval ratings would almost mean a sure less to any republican that stands by him, so we are seeing the first of many stands that they will take against anything Bush related.

And now, because of political games, America appears to be one hell of a prejudice nation to the rest of the world.

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