Friday, March 24, 2006
Why the Anti-Gay Adoption Stance is Immoral
The has an article detailing the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute’s statements of support for gay adoption. Reading this article, I realized that there was absolutely no reason for adoption centers to keep gay parents from adopting. Not allowing gay parents to adopt, simply because they are gay, is quite immoral for three reasons:

• All research has shown that having gay parents does not have a negative effect on a child. Some lying, whacko members of the far-right often mention some sort of “negative harm”, yet they cannot show that any of this is true. A lot of people need to realize that just because an organization like the The American Family Associate says something, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Groups like the AFO are simply political organizations with political goals.

• Everyone should be most worried about the wellbeing of the child, even if it means they must do things that may go against their beliefs. There are many children in foster care that cannot find a home. Leaving them in the system -- a system where they’re just another random face, another body… a system where they cannot flourish and feel like they are the center of the world-- because you cannot agree to do what is best for the child is simply an adolescent response.

• In America, everyone should have equal standing, unless there is a secular reason why they shouldn’t. There is no secular reason to rule out gay adoption. Any attempt at all can only be seen as a bigoted reaction. Quite simply, if facts do not back up your position, you are speaking from a platform of untruths.

Slowly, the country is evolving away from gay prejudice. The religious-right knows they are fighting a losing battle, which is why they will go as low as lying to support their cause. When truth doesn’t work, something has got to keep your beliefs supported.


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