Monday, March 13, 2006
Why The American Family Association Sucks
In their personal crusade to make America the worst place on earth, The American Family Association, along with 18 other conservative groups, have reinstated a boycott of because of their donation to build a gay and lesbian center in Ferndale, Michigan.

I’m not going to comment on the actual boycott here, because like all boycotts by the AFA, this will do nothing but bring attention to Ford. The AFA, which is basically a hate group playing on the far right fringe, often runs these boycotts, causing Americans to laugh hysterically at the sheer irony of a group that claims to be concerned about families, yet goes on personal crusades to spread anti-family and hateful ideas across the country. Often, I’m almost convinced that the AFA is an advertisement group who receives money from companies, so that they may be put on one of these “boycott lists”.

So no, the AFA will not receive a condemnation from me for running this boycott. They are free to boycott anything they wish, but this is just an alert to anyone who may think that the AFA is somehow a good organization that stands up for families, because in truth, they are anything but. If I believed in evil, I would honestly think that the AFA would fit the definition. Their goal to dehumanize other people, as well as spread lies and hatred, is almost enough to make me believe in the devil. My thoughts go out to Donald Wildmon, their chairman, in hopes that he finds peace of mind and the ability to overcome his disease.

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