Saturday, March 11, 2006
When a Man Loves a Man, Catholics Cry

The Catholic Church (AKA: we love da cover-ups) seems to have taken two shots at homosexuals today, scoring double hit points for Jesus.

The first, and most obvious, would be the suggestion that homosexuals can not be good parents. In their infinite knowledge, which strangely seems to contradict every scientific study known to man, they seem to be quite sure that homosexuals should not be able to adopt children. The funny thing is, they believe that the children are better off as one of the millions of nameless faces that bounce around in the foster care system, never being able to grow with a family, than to be in a family with homosexual parents. It’s like common sense has taken a vacation to Rome in order to purchase funny looking hat souvenirs.

The second, and maybe not as obvious, is the underlying message of all this. Priests in the Catholic Church molested little boys, the Church covered it up, and now it is in their best interest to stay away from homosexuality. While discussing this issue with people all day, I’ve seen it over and over again, statements how it is in the best interest for the Catholic Church to do this, because of their “situation”.

I find this to be the epitome of hypocrisy. It is not the Church’s fault that some of their priests molested little boys. It is their fault though, that they had no problem shuffling the priests around and to continue allowing them to have dealings with little children. I find it sick that the Church is a-okay with one of their own molesting children, but not a homosexual couple raising children.

Which leads to the message that they are sending. They are somehow equating homosexuality with pedophilia, and quite frankly, I think that may be the sickest thing the church has done since their cover-up.

Perhaps more and more people will see this for what it really is, though I doubt it. Those who are blind will remain blind because they wish to be. Their lives run quite nicely if they do not see, only feel their way around life.

But me? I think I’ll stand here proudly giving the finger to the church, the same finger that they have given to thousands of homosexuals couples, as well as hundreds of young men who were abused by their priests, yet never got to see justice served.

A nice big fat finger.

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