Sunday, March 19, 2006
To Illustrate My Point: Voting On One Issue
Earlier I ranted about the religious right and the way they voted simply about social issues. Interestingly, this article popped up today, and it really illustrates my point.

All four of the announced Republican congressional candidates are avidly antiabortion, and a forum Saturday showed little difference between their stances.

Former El Paso County Sheriff John Anderson, former El Paso County Commissioner Duncan Bremer, former Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce vice president Jeff Crank and state Sen. Doug Lamborn spoke at First Presbyterian Church. They also took questions from an audience of about 100 at an event sponsored by Colorado Springs Right to Life.

Each of the men looking to succeed retiring Rep. Joel Hefley vowed to vote to make abortion illegal.

What about their stances on other issues? Why is them being anti-choice the main focus? You would think that there are many other issues to consider, but I bet many people will vote for them simply because they are anti-choice. This really illustrates why the country is in such terrible shape. I’m really hoping normal, moderate people will not be swayed simply on one issue.


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