Monday, March 13, 2006
Tennessee: Why Do Only Christians Count?
Tennessee once again finds itself in a battle over Christian license plates.

Before Conservatives throw out their religious persecution buzzwords, perhaps someone can explain to me who is, in fact, committing religious persecution? How is it that Democrats can be labeled as anti-religion, when they are the ones who are calling for equal time for all religions? I guess, in the weird mind of Conservatives, equal representation for all religions is considered persecuting those who have a religion.

It’s simple. The court has already ruled that the state government must provide equal representation to all, not just one. Stop trying to get your single beliefs approved by the government, as though they are the only correct ones. I have no problem with Christian license plates being sold, as long as those with other religions may have the chance to be represented as well.

Are your beliefs that shaky that you need the government to endorse them?

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