Sunday, March 19, 2006
Sunday Morning News Roundup
Firedog Lake has a great post about the Silent Majority. Things are changing right now and it is time for the Democrats to take the lead. The country is unhappy with Republicans. Hopefully, Democrats will realize this and become the leaders that they need to be. Sitting on their hands will not win back control and will do no good for this country. It’s time to fight.

The Boston Globe has an interesting article about the Catholic Church and how it is losing its political power in Massachusetts.

Flynn said the way for the church leaders to regain their sway on Beacon Hill is to regain the moral high ground.

"They have to stop being intimidated, afraid to speak out," he said. "There are enemies of the Catholic Church and the only way to deal with your enemies is to confront them."

I somewhat disagree with this. I think the Catholic Church is losing its influence because, though Catholics may agree with their moral stances, they do not feel that legislating others is the way to get their point across. The number of people in this country who wish to force others to act according to the Church’s own moral standards is declining. That is why the Catholic Church is losing political power. It should never have had any to begin with.

Google, it seems, won part of their legal battle against the government.

In the end, U.S. District Court Judge James Ware ruled Google must turn over 50,000 random URLs from its database. However, he blocked a subpoena by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales seeking 5,000 search queries—the strings of words entered into search engines by people seeking particular information. The judge said that request could result in a “loss of trust” by Google’s users.

This is good news and I’m glad that Google didn’t roll over like some other companies did. *Ahem*

365 Gay has an article up about a case in Tennessee. It seems the Tennessee Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that challenges the way in which the Tennessee House brought a gay marriage amendment to the floor. This doesn’t challenge gay marriage itself, only procedure.

The American Civil Liberties Union is appealing a lower court ruling last month that found the legislature followed the rules in preparing the amendment. (story)

The ACLU of Tennessee charged the state had failed to meet notification requirements as outlined in the Tennessee Constitution, which states an amendment must be published six months before the General Assembly election.

The text of the amendment was published by the secretary of state on June 20, or four months and 11 days before the Nov. 2, 2004, election.

Of course things aren’t always as they seem in the media, but if this is true I’m not sure how the court didn’t rule in favor of the ACLU.


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