Tuesday, March 14, 2006
South Carolina Upholds Science Standards
In a , South Carolina’s state board rejected an attempt by ID proponents to dilute school science classrooms with unscientific teachings.

The more school officials attempt to get ID taught in the classroom, the more I am convinced that they may actually have a mental illness that keeps them from processing information. They’ve been told over and over again that science is not a democracy, a d that people may not randomly change the definition of science to fit whatever random idea they have.

Science is not some word that is used to describe things. Science is an actual process, a real world thing that functions in reality. People cannot change its definition as though it is a concept that is open to debate. Quite simply, if you want ID to be science, then it must work the way that science does. I can’t even imagine how, like, totally unconnected from reality you have to be to not realize this. Perhaps these school officials should get out of the business, because it seems like they can’t even comprehend simple concepts. Our children are too precious to be left in the hands of these incompetent people.

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