Monday, March 20, 2006
Silly Republicans, Flip-Flops Are For Hot People
Last week, I convered the gay adoption debate in Massachusetts and the way that Republicans were rallying behind a bill that would allow the Catholic Church to disobey an antidiscrimination law when adopting children to gay parents. The Republicans’ reasoning was that the Church should not be required to follow laws that go against their religious beliefs. Also in that post, I brought up the fact that the Catholic Church was opposing Republican legislation that would require stiff penalties for people that help illegal immigrants. I wondered what the Republican response would be, seeing as they believe that the Catholic Church doesn’t have to follow laws that go against their religion.

Well, it looks like I got my answer.

In February, Representative Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican who opposes illegal immigration, took issue with Catholic bishops, among other religious leaders, "for invoking God when arguing for a blanket amnesty" for illegal immigrants. This month, two powerful Republican representatives, Peter King of New York and F. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, the co-sponsors of the border security bill, criticized the church leadership on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News Channel, particularly Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, who has said he would instruct his priests and parishioners to defy the legislation if it ever became law.

So, I’ve got to ask. What is the Republican belief here because I can only see three options? One, people should not have to follow a law if it goes against their religious beliefs. This is the reasoning behind the Massachusetts bill that would exempt the Church from antidiscrimination laws. Two, people do have to follow the law, even if it goes against their beliefs. That would sort of screw up the reasoning for the Massachusetts bill, I’d think. Or three, people do not have to follow the law if it disagrees with their religion, if and only if, Republicans do not like the law.

Perhaps I could have a Republican clear this up for me? I’m sort of confused.


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