Sunday, March 19, 2006
Republicans--Why They Aren't The Only Ones To Blame
Americablog has posted a rant that I think everyone needs to read.

The nation can't, and shouldn't, let the Republican party and Republican policies off the hook by scapegoating Rumsfeld or even George Bush. Yes, the war in Iraq is a disaster. And yes, Rummy has been a disaster. And yes, George Bush is an incompetent disaster. But they are only symptoms of something much larger. Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush are simply doing what the Republican party has promised to do for years.

I would really like to take this a bit further. It isn’t simply the fault of the Republicans that this country is the way it is. If more moderate Republicans had been elected I really do not believe that this country would be in this bad of shape. The bulk of the guilt, to me, should be placed with the religious right in this country.

The religious right –the Robertson/Falwell types—made it a point to scare people into voting for far-right Conservatives. They convinced people that they must vote for radical Conservatives if they didn’t want to see men gayin’ it up in the streets and people “committing infanticide”. If you think about it, this is the platform that Bush and other popular Republicans ran on.

Those that voted for their morals to be legislated on all caused a great problem for this country. Because of this, voters didn’t worry about other important things that affect us. National security, the deficit, and minority rights are all things that have been negatively impacted due to the efforts of the religious right.

These efforts also have another effect. The moderate Republics that did get voted in have made a noticeable shift to the right, because they think that that is what is getting Republicans elected. There is an interesting struggle going on within the Republican Party. On one side, we have the fiscal Conservatives who feel that they’ve been screwed. On the other, we have the social Conservatives who have placed the Republicans, and thus the country, in this horrible situation.

Democrats have a lot of problems right now. Except for a few, they refuse to take charge of this country and lead; what they are afraid of is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, they will catch onto the needs of this country and start leading, because we really need to take control and make things right.

I have my own problems with those that like to legislate morality. I find their attempts to control others to be quite immoral and disgusting. Finally, the rest of the country is coming along and seeing the dangers of the far-right. Democrats---now is your time to stand up and take control.


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