Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Republicans: Not Quite Getting It, Since 2000
With midterm elections coming up, there is no doubt that Republicans are going to try and do everything in the world to distance themselves from the president. They are aware of Bush’s low approval numbers and despite the nutty ramblings of the Conservatives, who scream conspiracy quicker than their lover’s name during sex, they take them seriously and do not view them as some huge liberal conspiracy by the American media to make Bush look bad. They actually face reality, instead of hiding from it.

is quite interesting, but shows once again that the Republicans do not quite get what is going on.

Senior Republicans have fretted for months that Bush's team is exhausted and has run out of fresh ideas after more than five years on the job with little change in his inner circle. At a Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis, Tenn., last week, some delegates said they were shaken by the White House's performance and suggested Bush may need a new team.

Interesting attempt to appear as though you “get it”, but really you just make yourselves look a bit stupid. The problem is not just Bush’s team, but also Bush himself. He makes bad decisions, he does not know how to run the country, and he is just an overall bad president. There is nothing that can be done about that now, except for one thing. You, Republics, must pick up the ball and stop your rubber stamping of every single thing that Bush wants to do. You are the problem, Republicans, not Bush’s team.

The country can tell that you are out of ideas, that you are unable to get this country on the right track. For the sake of the country, start listening to the Democrats, because quite frankly, you are the ones that are running it into the ground. As the party in power, your official job is to be the check to the executive, not the Executive’s bitch. If you want the country to do better, simply start doing your job.

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