Friday, March 17, 2006
Republican Base Calls For More Restrictions On Rights
BBC has an about far right Christians calling for Republicans to do more to legislate their interests.

From the article:
The leaders appear to be reflecting a growing sense of frustration among the Christian right, over what they see as a lack of legislative progress on issues such as banning same-sex marriages.

This may be the most confusing statement in the history of confusing statements. Everywhere I look, I see Republicans stepping on civil rights, in order to turn this country into some sort of religious strong hold. There are bills in several states right now, which attempt to limit the rights of minorities. It’s frightening that the far right doesn’t consider this to be enough.

If the Republican base gets its way, I can’t even imagine how bad this country will get. It’s always nice to wake up and view members of this country –a country that was built around freedom— calling for more restrictions on the rights of others. We truly have a far way to go.

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