Friday, March 31, 2006
Redstate Shows Their Disgusting Side
There are a lot of things Conservatives do that are quite immoral and disgusting. Today… today, I ran across one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. The comment threads about interview after her release are quite disturbing and really show the type of people we are dealing with.

Carroll said that she was treated well and was never harmed by her kidnappers. These comments issued responses on Redstate that included people calling her anti-American, saying that she had a mental disease, and that the kidnapping was staged. Granted, her comments seem a little odd, but there are so many reasons that could have caused her to say the things she did.

First, it may be that she is telling the truth. Maybe they didn’t harm her. Perhaps, unlike Conservatives, she feels that it isn’t right to tell lies about foreign people, simply to make them look bad. Carroll is deeply religious, and perhaps --unlike those “Christians” at Redsate who don’t live as Christ says, but instead use their “religion” to gain support for their political machine-- she actually *gasp* lives by the words of Jesus and doesn’t believe in lying, even if it is about a group that hates America.

Another possibility is that she simply didn’t feel safe. This interview was done in Iraq, from the exact same place she was kidnapped. Perhaps she felt that if she spoke truthfully, something else bad would happen to her.

Whatever her reasoning for these statements, it will remain a mystery until she has had some time to digest her safety. The people at Redstate have shown that they are disgusting and tasteless. It makes me sad that these anti-American people actually have others convinced that they somehow like America, even while their unhinged rants drip with hatred and vile. Those are not American principles, but luckily… luckily, America, like it always does, will find a way to spit them out just like all the other poisons.

Update 1: So, the has the reasoning posted in an article. I wonder if the people over at Redstate will believe this, or continue spewing hate, clamoring about how it’s just some “liberal media conspiracy” to “paint this America hater in a good light”.

Reporter Jill Carroll was "acting" to win her freedom when she praised her kidnappers and criticized the U.S. occupation of Iraq in a video, her dad said yesterday.


"After listening to them for three months, she already knew exactly what they wanted her to say, so she gave it to them with appropriate acting to make it look convincing."

A spokeswoman for the Monitor said Carroll really didn't have any choice but to comply with the kidnappers' demands.

"They told her she would be freed if she made the video," Ellen Tuttle said. "She was also told they had killed another American hostage. So you can imagine what was going through her head."


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