Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Red America, Boring America
WaPo’s social experiment into seems to have begun with… boringly predictable rhetoric. In one post alone, Ben Domenech implies that the majority of Americans are Conservatives (you’d think that someone who writes for WaPo would, like, have access to poll figures), that there is a liberal bias in the MSM (typical Conservative propaganda that gets flung when things get reported that they don’t like), and that every bad move the Republicans have made was due to their lack of listening to their Conservatives base (which, most mainstream Americans view as just the opposite… you know, their bad moves were caused by listening to their far-right base). Proving that he’s just a far-right stereotype, we even get a gun reference within the first 8 paragraphs. Nice!

You’d think that WaPo would attempt to hire someone with some sort of originality, instead of the usual carbon copy of every other far-right nutter.

The only interesting thing about Ben Domenech is his possible . To be quite honest, I’m not too sure about these rumors, but at least they are more interesting than Ben seems to be.


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