Saturday, March 25, 2006
Moving Passed Ben's Ethical Problems
It only took two posts for Ben Domenech to give an apology on Redstate, and to his credit, I thought it would take him a lot more time. With finding more examples of plagiarism, it’s pretty safe to say the Ben will be taking some time away, hopefully getting his ethics and values in order.

It seems that liberal blogs are taking a lot of heat from Conservative writers. It’s interesting because these are usual Conservative games. We showed one of their own doing something horrible, so instead of addressing the issue, they throw ad hom attacks at the people who worked quite hard to expose this story. You’d think that they would be thanking the bloggers who broke this; imagine how many problems this would have caused them later on, if we hadn’t exposed it now. Conservatives, please take responsibility for your ethical problems and stop trying to change the subject through attacks.

Ben Domenech is done and it is time to move on to the real issue here, which is the Washington Post.

First of all, would you please finally explain why you think that you need a Conservative blogger? As much time as you spend reading blogs, you’d think that the first thing you’d realize is that the writers on your staff, who you consider “liberal”, are nothing of the sort. If someone doesn’t agree with Bush, or the war, that doesn’t make them a “Liberal”. Perhaps you should pick up a dictionary, or even better yet, start comprehending what the blogs are saying.

Secondly, how did Domenech’s racism and plagiarism go unnoticed when you hired him? When people depend on someone for news, it would be nice if, you know, they were able to investigate things. If the Washington Post was anything other than a news source, these problems could be overlooked. But investigating is what you do for a living, so I find it amazing that you couldn’t investigate Ben Domenech, properly.

WaPo, it’s time to step up and face your critics.


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