Thursday, March 16, 2006
Morning Roundup
Nice article on a non-issue: It must be a slow news day, because it seems that blogs are just eating up this story. Honestly, I find this to be the dumbest issue ever, but since it crosses the entertainment genre with the political genre, it seems we have a hit on our hands. So since everyone seems to be interested in it, I’ll point you to , which has a great article on why it isn’t a snub, just good ethics.

Missouri makes more strides… back to 1867: It seems the nutters have officially taken over Missouri. has a nice article on the house GOP banning birth control from county health clinics. Seriously, Democrats need to raise up in Missouri, hopefully stopping the state’s backward skid.

And on Nutter watch….: It seems Conservatives are picking up the Ruth Bader Ginsburg speech where she said that foreign law should be considered. Cons have a problem with this, and I understand. But they seem to be leaving out the story where Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor have been receiving death threats from conservatives as they spout the usual Conservative talking points. You’d think these blogs would bring light to this. You know, at least a statement along the lines of, We know you are nutters, but please don’t kill anyone. But nope. They just simply ignore it and pretend it doesn’t happen. Nutter queen, Michelle Malkin, seems to have ignored this story. So has her nutter underlings and .

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