Monday, March 20, 2006
Michigan's Governor Granholm Stands Up For Women's Rights
I’ve been blessed, living in Michigan, to not have to deal with a governor who has a strange compulsion to limit the freedoms of people to act according to their own morals. Governor Granholm has not been swayed by the far right lobbyists to put unneeded restrictions on abortion.

Michigan has recently tried to pass one of these “ultrasound bills”, claiming that the state has a right to make women view an ultrasound of their baby before an abortion. It didn’t get through and was then amended so that it only requires doctors to offer a woman the option to view the ultrasound.

From the :
LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Jennifer Granholm will sign a bill requiring abortion providers to give pregnant women the option to see ultrasound images of their fetuses, a spokeswoman says.

Granholm generally has opposed anti-abortion legislation, but the bill was amended so it no longer requires pregnant women to see the ultrasound images, spokeswoman Liz Boyd said Sunday.

Until now, Michigan law has required that women seeking abortions be allowed to review diagrams and descriptions showing a developing fetus, but not their own.

This is an example of a bill that I have no problem with. If the state wants to regulate a doctor by telling him that he must give a patient the option to view something, they have my support all the way. I’m glad that Granholm, once again, wouldn’t be swayed by the Conservatives and pressured into signing a bill that would limit our freedoms.


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