Thursday, March 30, 2006
Maggart Update
The other day, about Ms. Debra Maggart, a representative from the Tennessee House, who claimed to have viewed research that said homosexual parenting has negative effects on children. There were a whole other slew of things that she said that I found offensive, but this was the most unbelievable. As a psych major, I can tell you that I’ve never read any such research, and I can assure you that I keep up on these things.

I’ve been trying to contact Ms. Maggart, so that she may provide me with the research that she has read, but have yet to get a response. Today, I sent her this final request:

Ms. Maggart,

I have tried to contact you about your claim that research points to negative effects of homosexual parenting. It seems that my request for sources has not been successful. This is my final attempt at contacting you. If I do not receive a response I will be letting my readers know that my attempt to verify your sources has fallen on deaf ears, including my opinion that you either do not feel obliged to provide your sources, or that you actually lied about having read research.

Still Patiently Waiting,
Brian Varitek

Rep. Maggart has been claiming to the media that she has gotten some revolting email regarding her comments. I do not believe that this is the way to approach her, so if you are going to email her, please be civil.

The following are some blogs that are also concerned about this whole thing. Stop by and give them a read. Hopefully, we can start a letter campaign that will make Ms. Maggart realize that, as a politician, her comments are unacceptable.

,, and

Update 1:Thanks to the anonymous commenter, I now have the transcripts of . This is sort of helpful, but not really what I wish to see. I’m looking for the actual research so I can read it myself. It would be interesting if Focus on the Family’s researcher was Robert Lerner, who isn’t a psychologist, but a social scientist. His claim to fame is a book he wrote, as part of a Right Wing, anti-gay commission, claiming that every single study that supports homosexual adoption used “incorrect research techniques”. Yep, every single study.


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