Friday, March 17, 2006
Liberal Voices
The Boston Globe (you need to register to read the article, visit this site to get around that) has an interesting article about Democrat presidential hopefuls shifting to the left, in order to fill the void left by Clinton’s new moderate views. This is an interesting article and definitely worth the read, as it shines light on the netroots movement and the voice that liberals have in politics.

When election time comes, liberals will break off into three groups. The first, and smallest group will be those people who decide to take the plunge and vote for an independent. The second group, and probably the largest will be those liberals that go for the safe bet and vote for a more moderate Democrat (read: Clinton). These liberals will take the sure winner, hoping to get the country on track, realizing that we have a lot of ground to make back up, due to Republican control. And then there will be the third group. These liberals will throw their support behind someone like Feingold, or Edwards, thinking that it may not be the safest bet, but certainly not a useless vote like an Independent vote would be.

I think the number of liberals in each of these groups will really depend on what happens with midterm elections. If Democrats take back the House and Senate, I expect there to be a lot more people voting for the less safe bet, throwing their support behind Feingold, Edwards, Biden, or any other candidate that leans more towards the left.

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