Friday, March 31, 2006
Let's See Conservatives Attack Global Warming, Now
has implemented a new policy that would allow its scientists to speak freely with the media about their findings.

NASA Administrator Michael D. Griffin unveiled new rules yesterday that govern the release of agency information to news media and the public, his most detailed response yet to embarrassing allegations that NASA's public affairs office had sought to suppress the release of scientific information not consistent with the views of the Bush administration.

The new eight-page policy, written by an internal team of scientists, lawyers, public affairs specialists and managers, states that NASA scientists are free to talk to members of the media about their scientific findings and even express personal interpretations of those findings -- the heart of the controversy that has engulfed the agency since January.

With the recent 60 Minutes interview, this was bound to happen. Perhaps Conservatives will stop saying that scientists don’t agree about Global Warming, now that they can’t change science research to appear that scientists don’t agree.


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