Friday, March 24, 2006
It's Time For Ben To Be Shown The Door
To anyone that even browses blogs, it has become quite obvious that most have united against Ben Domanech. The first bullet came when it was revealed that Ben had some racist leanings and a lack of total respect for the recently deceased. This information really revealed a lot about Ben’s character, but still… still, I would have been ticked off if WaPo had fired him for this reason. I do not believe anyone’s views should be censored, even if they are racist. WaPo had to know that by employing a far-right nutter, these are the views that they would get.

The second bullet, , is one that needs to be looked at by WaPo. Anyone that has plagiarized another’s work needs to be held accountable. WaPo has no business employing someone that steals from others and then passes the work off as his own. If WaPo doesn’t want to support stealing, then they need to show Ben the door. This type of behavior should not be tolerated. It’s time for WaPo to take a stand.


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