Thursday, March 16, 2006
Iowa Conservatives, "How Dare You Not Let Us Control You?"
, “Let the people vote,” forgetting to add, “To control your morality”.

DES MOINES -- Sen. Maggie Tinsman, one of two Republican senators opposing a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage, said she had the scariest moment of her political career Monday when several hundred backers of the amendment surrounded her in the Statehouse and yelled slogans at her.

"They started shouting 'Let the people vote.' Some were yelling, some were shouting," Tinsman said in an interview Tuesday.

Finally, a Republican stands up for the rights of people. I’m glad to see that not all Republicans believe that it is their job to tell other people what their morality should be. Perhaps the party is finally getting the message that they are not God, and cannot tell other people the correct way to believe.

I released this blog four days ago, and already I’ve had 5 emails from people accusing me of being gay, simply because I stand up for gay rights. Interestingly, I am not gay, I just strongly believe that other people’s God beliefs should not run me, or anyone else.

It really speaks to the strength of someone’s beliefs, when they must make others follow them, against their will. People who have truly strong beliefs do not need to force others to have the same beliefs, because they know that their beliefs will stand on their own.

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