Monday, March 13, 2006
Hastert Changes Subject, Thinks No One Notices
It seems the Republicans have begun their PR campaign against .

"While we work to defend our country, there are some liberal Democrats who have taken the extreme viewpoint to propose censuring or impeaching the President who is committed to fighting a war against terrorism overseas instead of here in our streets. It is our hope that the 66 Democrats who voted with us on the PATRIOT Act would not support the House Democratic Leadership or the extreme viewpoints of their colleagues that the enemy is the President of the United States. It's time Democrats take a stand on something. Political jabs at the President of the United States do nothing to protect our citizens."

It appears that Hastert wins the First Person To Use Terrorism As A Reason To Allow The President To Do Whatever Award for today. In his entire press release, there was not even one inkling of a solution on how we are going to deal with a president who is breaking the law. He simply brushes it under the table, calling the attempt at censure, a “political jab”.

Interestingly enough, I consider this entire PR release to be nothing but a political jab. Now that we are through with that, can we focus on how to keep our liberties safe from the president, please, Mr. Speaker?

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