Monday, March 20, 2006
Gay Adoption: America's Next Culture War?
Sometimes, I am absolutely frightened by the people of this country. I spend a lot of time reading news from around America, and the absolute hatred and ignorance of some people is enough to make me want to scream. Perhaps I should try and put myself in their shoes more, to understand, but I cannot put myself in that place. It’s entirely too horrifying.

The Chicago Tribune has an today on the gay abortion debate. It provides a lot of different viewpoints, but all are in agreement about one thing; gay adoption will be Conservative’s new pet project.

Mary Anne Hackett, president of the Concerned Catholics of Illinois, a conservative organization, asserts that children suffer long-term "damage" in such placements.

"Children do best with a mother and a father. ... Kids would be better off in foster care than with a homosexual couple," she said.

Contrasted with—

The Cradle, a non-sectarian agency, has placed 15 children with gay parents--including McDonagh and Smith--since 2003, according to its president, Julie Tye. The board approved such placements after studying research. Groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Child Welfare League of America have come out with research saying children do not suffer any adverse effects.

I would also like to add the to the list of researches who have come to the conclusion that gay parents have no negative effects on their children.

As a psychology major, I have access to all research ever done on the subject of homosexual parenting, and I would be quite aware if there was any research to back up the claims of the religious right. The fact is, there is not a single bit of research to support their claims, which leads me to believe that they are purposely lying to further their cause.

This lying game that they are a part of is really scary, because as Christians they are supposed to follow Jesus. One of the big no-noes of the Christian faith is lying, yet they have no problem spewing lies at every turn.

Hopefully American citizens will listen to the people who are properly educated to make decisions regarding the harm of children, instead of those people that have a hate agenda to push. This is an important issue, and I hope everyone votes to make sure these games cannot be played any longer.


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