Thursday, March 16, 2006
Earth To Bush: Get With It
As a prime example of why Americans , he took the stage today in order to rally GOP donors. With some of the excerpts from this article, it’s quite obvious that Bush is not aware that the country is not behind him.

He thanked Republican lawmakers for supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and said it's important that they stay in control of Congress to pass greater tax cuts, cut the deficit and make it harder for patients to file lawsuits against their doctors.

"I can stand up here and tell you that we have delivered results for the American people, and we've got an agenda to continue to do so," Bush said.

So, let me get this straight. Americans are overwhelmingly unhappy with this war and the huge deficit that the Republicans keep racking up, and he thanks them for supporting the war, and says that they need to stay in control to cut deficits? Are you serious?

Then he assures the donors that they have been delivering results to Americans and will continue to do so? Hello, earth to Bush, Americans do not like the results you have delivered and certainly don’t want anymore of them. Your mission should be to right the wrongs you have committed, not promise to continue doing the same thing.
With support like this, the Republicans are sure to lose both the House and Senate.

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