Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Christians Stand Up
For a number of years, the in this country have gone on a full assault, trying to pass themselves off as the party of . They use their stances on and to pander to the community, hoping that Christians are stupid enough to believe that these corrupt politicians are actually driven by God. It seems as though some Christians bought the lies right up, all the while ignoring the right’s anti-God corruption, violence, and inability to ever speak a sentence of truth.

In this situation, fault doesn’t fall simply on the Christians. and churches have remained silent, allowing the right to play the Christians like a fiddle. It seems, though, that finally Christian churches are standing up and proclaiming that they will not be fooled, as they .

I’d just like to thank these Christians for getting the message out there. , , , corruption… these things are not , yet they are the things that define conservatives. Christians are finally taking a stand and proclaiming that they cannot be fooled any longer.
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