Thursday, March 16, 2006
Censure: Not Just Liberal Base, But All America
From Dailykos, it seems that the country is in favor of censure.

The numbers are close on this poll, but it is a start. This isn’t all the support we need, but it is really a slap in the face to the conservatives who were saying that it was a simple stunt to rally the liberal base. If that’s the case, that is one hu-fuckin’-mongous liberal base.

With this much support being shown, more Democrats will get behind Feingold in this. The poll has more people supporting censure, than opposing, but that is a huge number of undecided. With the support of all Democrats, the country will back this. They are sick and tired of this administration, and they want to be heard.

In the next few days, look for more Democrats to back this censure proposal, and look for the rest of the country to speak up and be heard!

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