Monday, March 13, 2006
Bush Is Like My Mom
President Bush let loose that will try and convince the American public that they are ignorant, and that things in Iraq are actually not as bad as they seem.

President Bush called on Iraqis Monday to embrace compromise as they negotiate a new unity government and asked Americans to show patience with the war even after weeks of "images of violence and anger and despair."

I have never seen one person so totally out of touch with reality, in my life. It is so frightening that this man has power, because I feel that Bush is nothing but an actor and that our country is on some weird reality show, complete with an audience pointing and laughing at our ignorance. I truly hope that that is the scenario, because the other option is just too damned frightening.

With , as well as a plain and simple agenda set forth by the Democrats, you’d think that Bush would realize that we cannot simply urge Iraq to figure out a compromise. Steps need to be taken, we must force Iraq’s hand in this, because right now, it just isn’t happening. President Bush, acting like my mother when I broke up with my first girlfriend, seems to be soothing us, telling us that everything will be okay in the end, that we simply have to believe that it will all work itself out.


We need to take a stand in Iraq, and we need to do it quickly. We cannot sit around, twiddling our thumbs, hoping that everything will right itself. For once, I wish the Republicans would actually get off their ass and do something, because they are allowing the president to screw this Iraq thing up even more. I never trusted Republicans, because I found them to be liars, as well as inept, but I never realized how under qualified they were. It only takes a few Republicans to stand up, and then with the Democrats, they will be able to overpower the rest of the Republicans. There must be some good Republicans out there somewhere…

or maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

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