Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Brazil Takes Steps To Protect Rainforest
Browsing the news, I ran across .

Greenpeace released maps last weeks showing that less than 10 percent of the world's forests remained intact, and environmentalists said governments worldwide have failed to honor their commitments to the Global Fund for the Environment, another product of the Earth Summit, leaving the fund with only $10 billion — or $67 billion less than promised.

I’ve always realized that there was severe degradation to our biosphere, but it never really hit me until I saw that 10 percent number. I’m not sure why others don’t get worried about these things. Perhaps… perhaps they think that it’s all hippy stuff and that the environment doesn’t matter. All I know is that if world governments do not starting taking the environment seriously, we are all going to be screwed.

At least Brazil is taking some small steps.

Brazil's Environmental Ministry said late Sunday that 84,000 square miles of the Amazon rain forest — an area about the size of Kansas — would be declared a protected zone over the next three years.


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